What does "unlocking" mean?

Your mobile phone is 'locked' when you purchase it, allowing it to only operate on one mobile phone network. If you want to use your phone on a different network (either in your home country or overseas), you will need to 'unlock' the phone. We can unlock your mobile phone for use with any GSM network in the world, which will also drastically increase the resale value of your phone. We offer a hassle-free solution, with no technical knowledge required on your part. You do NOT need to send us your phone (or be able to stop using it at all) for us to push the unlock to it, all we need is a number from your phone called the 'IMEI' number. You can find the IMEI from any phone at all (not just iPhone) by simply dialing *#06# (and hitting 'send' or 'call', if it doesn't show up automatically). The IMEI of an iPhone can also be found in the Settings menu, under 'General' and then 'About'.

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